DFF is a sectoral support group that consists of Turkish furniture manufacturers. It is an online platform for presenting the export potential of the furniture industry. Favorable prices in the Turkish furniture industry and high-quality production processes are no secret in order to be successful in international competition with simple logistics facilities. On these advertising pages, you can examine the Turkish manufacturers who have managed to be among the preferred countries in the furniture industry.

DFF’s mission is to help customers find their overseas suppliers in Turkey. Our catalog contains information on major manufacturers who have been active in international markets for many years. They have extensive experience supplying and subcontracting products under their own brands. There are large companies with operational capacities that enable the execution of large orders and smaller specialist companies that are very successful in their field.

In addition to detailed information about the companies, including a description of their activities, information on the latest products and useful links, the DFF pages offer an extensive digital exhibition with 360 virtual tour shots of 25 stores. It is also used to publish the latest information and reports on the Turkish furniture industry.

The DFF service currently includes catalogs from the furniture industry.

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